Sunday Snap Shot 3: Village Gate in Rochester


This weekend, I attended BarCamp in Rochester and after the fact went out for dinner at Village Gate and explored the upper floor. I love these areas in Rochester and it is what I like to call the “Art Belt.” There are a lot of very artistic places all very close to each other in that city. Village Gate was no exception.

IMG_20131102_201652 IMG_20131102_201759

Halloween fun alone and on a budget


My first Halloween in the new apartment was nothing over the top like I would have planned had I not just moved in, but those plans were put off until next year. This year, I did a very budget friendly, simple decor scheme. Here are some tips for you if you are ever in the same position.

1. Don’t Stress
I make this mistake all the time! Don’t worry about entertaining if you are on a budget. No one says you HAVE to have a blow out Halloween ball every year. Sometimes it is nice to just decorate and hand out candy to kids.


2. Second Hand Decor is Good!
Never feel ashamed of using second hand decorations from family members or Goodwill. Some of my personal favorite decorations are ones that my mom has used in her house since I was a child. Halloween is a holiday built on tradition, instead of feeling ashamed of those bargains embrace them!


3. Set a budget
Set your own budget for what you plan to buy. Be it candy, costumes, or decorations the best way to make it through without missing your money is plan how much you are going to spend.


Those three simple tips helped me a lot this year, I hope they help you too. Happy Halloween!

Steel Magnolias

MV5BMTQyMjI5MjM5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxODMyMQ@@._V1._SX321_SY475_[1]I was named after this movie, and up until tonight, I hadn’t yet watched it. Now as I sit here writing this post, my eyes are sore and I am sniffling worse than the sniffles from a cold. Now I understand why my Momma named me after Shelby from the movie.

This is the perfect movie for a woman in the many stages of her life. When I was younger, I saw it and didn’t understand what it was about (hence why I don’t count that time). This time around, I was seeing it from the “daughter to mother” view. I imagine, and have been told, that decades from now this movie will mean something totally different to me then. For now, I don’t think I will be able to watch it again for a long time. However, it was good to finally see the movie that has played a part in my life ever since my mother named me. (Everyone who lived in the 80’s that I have met asks if I was named after this movie)

I recommend this movie to any woman.

Instagram Review

Hello there everyone. A while ago, I managed to purchase a LG Optimus G Pro phone after my old phone kicked the bucket. Of course one of the first things I did was purchase the Instagram app to start posting all of the photos I take on a regular basis and I thought I would put my two cents in on how I feel about this user favorite app.

I personally love the app’s interface for taking photos. The filters that the app is equipped with really impressed me and I quickly found that using them to show what I see in the photo better was very simple. I love the ability to post the photos to the internet yet it still saves the image to the SD Card. It would drive me nuts if it didn’t! The only negative thing I have to say about the app is that the browsing interface isn’t too pleasing for me at least to use due to the load time lagging compared to other pages. Regardless, I find the app to be a fun thing to use. Here are some of the photos that I have taken already…

Image  ImageImage  ImageImage

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Dreams Turned Reality

Well, suddenly I find that all of my worrying and my dreaming has suddenly and swiftly become a reality on the apartment and job front. Within three days I had been offered a job and found an apartment (as well as moved in). It was quick and nerve racking, but it has been a wonderful start to a hopefully long adventure. Woohoo City Living! Stay tuned for a showing of the apartment pictures~ 

Sunday Snap Shot 1


My best friend came home a couple weeks back and we were finally able to hang out. We enjoyed a dinner by candle light as we watched Game of Thrones and talked about her trip to Egypt for the first weekend of hang out shenanigans. For the second, we enjoyed the annual festival of our small town by day and watched Stargate Atlantis by night. It was a nice turn around from our worries about the future. Both of us will be going our separate ways once again when she goes back to college and I finish up my last “semester” of college.

Happy Fourth!


Hey Guys! Happy Fourth of July for all you fellow Americans. I am glad to say this week has been filled with changed plans and new things to be excited about. Personal news: I finally found a co-op position as a Website Designer/Developer so I will, grades pending, be able to graduate college and possibly have a job after that. This was after two months of hard searching and some failures along the way. Why am I sharing this? Well, I would like to give advice for those who are just starting out too. Even if everything seems to be falling apart, chances are something good is about to come your way. Don’t give up and keep trying. Only you can write your story, so make it a good one even at it’s worst.

In other news, I have some new books to review and share with you lovely people. So stay tuned and have a wonderful week!


Censorship in the Art World

Today I am taking a little break from the world of literature adventures to talk about a personal soap box topic that I hold dear.

In today’s society, censorship is not only a norm; it is rabid. Parents especially are censoring the things their children see and interact with. Which, even if the child doesn’t know it yet, carries on into adulthood and breeds more generations of the sheltered.

Why is this a problem? Well, it isn’t always a problem with some aspects of life however art is not one of the aspects that should be sheltered. So many people now a days see free expression as a sin or a horror to so many and the portrayal of any nude art is automatically seen as slutty. However, art doesn’t agree. Art should always push the boundaries of the imagination, not force you to only see rainbows and butterflies.

If any middle ground between freedom and censors could be reached in the online forum, I do believe that it would be in the case of filters and age limits. Like’s filter system. It isn’t perfect, but it keeps the gritty world out of the eyes of those not ready. As far as censoring the artists who do the gritty, the nude, and the grotesque art; That is an absolute no. I, myself, have found inspiration from some of these artists. Imagining the art world without said artists, quite frankly, is frightening. The creation of art that has an extreme understanding of anatomy is a hard skill to master and one that should be admired. Not shut out or shamed as “inappropriate.”

Sunday Nights


Sunday nights for me are always filled with more ideas than action and the current heat is only adding to the lack of adventures outside of the house. However it is a welcomed time for reflection. I find that the most tempting evening event is simply enjoying a good book, or even catching on the blogs, by the window. It is the pleasure of ideas that excite the mind rather than the body, I guess.

Enjoy your evenings!