My Amazing Friend


What do I have to share with you on this hot summer day? Well, my best friend is currently on a plane to Egypt again. She is an aspiring archaeologist and Egyptologist and we have been friends since our days in high school. The last time she came back from Egypt, she brought me this wonderful little scarab and shared all of her amazing stories with me. I am so proud of this friend of mine. Before she left this time around I made a point to tell her that because we didn’t get the chance to catch up after our semesters at our respective colleges ended. Even though we barely get to meet up, we always know we are there for each other. Which, as I have found since I started college, is a hard thing to come by. She is one friend I can make plans with for the future without pressure on either end. I cannot wait to hear the stories she has this time and I, one day, hope to visit her in Egypt on one of her digs in the future.

I am also going to make this scarab into a necklace, which I drew an idea for today. It is a rough sketch (and blurry photo) but I think it will look good when it is done. The design will use a metal finding and a cut head pin for the toggle and the chain will be either wire crocheting or a mix of chains.  Keeping it simple as to not take away from the scarab.



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