Game of Thrones: A Somewhat Comparative Review


I was quite hesitant to read this book when I found it in a second hand store’s fantasy book rack. However, it was in such good condition that I couldn’t help but take it home. Halfway through the book, I have found that I developed a surprising opinion about the book already…

The Book is Better

It is so much better than the show on HBO. Martin’s writing is quite pleasing to me, as a person who reads fantasy novels like some read the newspaper, and to the fans that I have spoken to. The story also has differences from its show counterpart that I found to be much better than what I saw from the show. You are, as a reader, immediately thrown into the story line with out time spent on long descriptions. Some would say that that is a downfall, however, I think in this case it works for the story. I also was taken with the organization of the book. Instead of it being by chapter, instead it is organized by what characters are playing at that time. So a couple chapters are named “Bran” and others are named “Daenerys”. I found this to be interesting compared to what I am personally accustomed to. Aside from the structure of the book, I found that the characters were much more interesting compared to what I saw in the show. As the reader, you are given more of an understanding of the characters as the story progresses. In the show it is a little more black and white.

All in all, I think it is worth the read even if you didn’t like the show version.


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