A Look on the Hunger Games Trilogy


I just finished the series on my Kindle, and I had the original intent to write individual reviews for each of them. However, I thought it would be better to address the books as a whole rather than individually.

When I first started reading The Hunger Games, I wasn’t entirely sold on the writing. First person point of views often make me cringe as a reader mostly because it is a very narrow view and, if done wrong, sounds very childish. However, the story quickly sped up and became addicting regardless of the point of view. I also wasn’t too pleased with the grammar at times, yet, I also chalk that up to simply bad editing.

Otherwise, the series was addicting! There were times during the books that you as the reader could feel what Katniss was feeling. That may sound like a simple feat for a writer, however, it is easier just to make that character easy to sympathize with. Feeling? Now that is something that hasn’t happened to me as an avid reader of fiction and fantasy in a long while. For instance, in Catching Fire, when she talks about her feelings torwards the post-Hunger Games life, the description leads you to feeling the actual frustration without saying “She was frustrated”. Mockingjay‘s ending, along those same lines, even brought me to tears but I will not hazard spoilers there.

The post-apocalyptic world of Panam and, in all, pure concept of the series was fantastic. It was an easy read in the best possible way.

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