About Me

About the Blog?
Change the Fates: Her Musings is a lifestyle and personal blog. I started the blog with the intent to not set anymore rules for myself that killed the other blogs I have attempted to start in the past. I talk about everything from media, books, decor, to beautiful days spent. 

What is “Change the Fates”?
Change the Fates is the newest screen name of mine and the most fitting. It was born out of the idea that I myself feel I need to change my personal fate on a constant basis. No not death, but future instead. It took me forever to find myself and who I want to be, but because of that extensive time spent I feel I made some personal mistakes that led me down a path I didn’t know that I didn’t want to go down. Now, I am slowly pushing my “fate” ever further. 

About Shelby?
By nature, I am a mixed bag type of person. You will find here all the things that I find interesting, creative, and beautiful. Sometimes, I share something personal or something opinionated, or often times a favorite book. I hope you stick around as well as enjoy what you find. Thank you and remember to always be unique in your ways. ❤


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