A Look on the Hunger Games Trilogy


I just finished the series on my Kindle, and I had the original intent to write individual reviews for each of them. However, I thought it would be better to address the books as a whole rather than individually.

When I first started reading The Hunger Games, I wasn’t entirely sold on the writing. First person point of views often make me cringe as a reader mostly because it is a very narrow view and, if done wrong, sounds very childish. However, the story quickly sped up and became addicting regardless of the point of view. I also wasn’t too pleased with the grammar at times, yet, I also chalk that up to simply bad editing.

Otherwise, the series was addicting! There were times during the books that you as the reader could feel what Katniss was feeling. That may sound like a simple feat for a writer, however, it is easier just to make that character easy to sympathize with. Feeling? Now that is something that hasn’t happened to me as an avid reader of fiction and fantasy in a long while. For instance, in Catching Fire, when she talks about her feelings torwards the post-Hunger Games life, the description leads you to feeling the actual frustration without saying “She was frustrated”. Mockingjay‘s ending, along those same lines, even brought me to tears but I will not hazard spoilers there.

The post-apocalyptic world of Panam and, in all, pure concept of the series was fantastic. It was an easy read in the best possible way.

Game of Thrones: A Somewhat Comparative Review


I was quite hesitant to read this book when I found it in a second hand store’s fantasy book rack. However, it was in such good condition that I couldn’t help but take it home. Halfway through the book, I have found that I developed a surprising opinion about the book already…

The Book is Better

It is so much better than the show on HBO. Martin’s writing is quite pleasing to me, as a person who reads fantasy novels like some read the newspaper, and to the fans that I have spoken to. The story also has differences from its show counterpart that I found to be much better than what I saw from the show. You are, as a reader, immediately thrown into the story line with out time spent on long descriptions. Some would say that that is a downfall, however, I think in this case it works for the story. I also was taken with the organization of the book. Instead of it being by chapter, instead it is organized by what characters are playing at that time. So a couple chapters are named “Bran” and others are named “Daenerys”. I found this to be interesting compared to what I am personally accustomed to. Aside from the structure of the book, I found that the characters were much more interesting compared to what I saw in the show. As the reader, you are given more of an understanding of the characters as the story progresses. In the show it is a little more black and white.

All in all, I think it is worth the read even if you didn’t like the show version.

Homeland by R.A.Salvatore: An absolute favorite


I feel bad that my copy looks like this, however, it has been well loved. Today I felt like sharing one of the biggest inspirations to me in my blog on this rainy day (at least in New York). This is a book of which I make a point to re-read at least part of every summer.

R.A.Salvatore’s book Homeland follows the beginning of one of the most iconic fantasy character’s life. Drizzt is a drow, a dark elf, that rebels against the ideals of the society that he was born into. This book is beautifully written. He gives the reader a story that is dark and often tragic, however, it can immediately give an air of comedy or lightness in return. It is full of fight scenes as well that will hook you until the end. It is also filled with hatred, vengeance and a pinch of love.

Something that I loved about the book aside from the plot line was the interaction between the characters in the book, especially the interaction between Drizzt and Zaknafein (my personal favorite aside from Drizzt). You could feel the tension between the characters as if you were in the room with them at times. It, in my opinion, is an engaging book that I recommend to anyone who loves the fantasy genre. This particular book – even though I have read the series – sticks with me. It inspired me to write about the drow and even to start drawing my own characters that I have created. It is my absolute favorite book and I just had to share that.