Steel Magnolias

MV5BMTQyMjI5MjM5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxODMyMQ@@._V1._SX321_SY475_[1]I was named after this movie, and up until tonight, I hadn’t yet watched it. Now as I sit here writing this post, my eyes are sore and I am sniffling worse than the sniffles from a cold. Now I understand why my Momma named me after Shelby from the movie.

This is the perfect movie for a woman in the many stages of her life. When I was younger, I saw it and didn’t understand what it was about (hence why I don’t count that time). This time around, I was seeing it from the “daughter to mother” view. I imagine, and have been told, that decades from now this movie will mean something totally different to me then. For now, I don’t think I will be able to watch it again for a long time. However, it was good to finally see the movie that has played a part in my life ever since my mother named me. (Everyone who lived in the 80’s that I have met asks if I was named after this movie)

I recommend this movie to any woman.

My Thoughts on Syfy’s Defiance

Syfy’s newest baby, Defiance, brings a new life to post-apocalyptic media plots. Defiance takes place 30 years after the terraforming of Earth by an alien planet. They, an entire planet’s races from across the galaxy, inhabited Earth. Furthermore, the story follows a man with his alien daughter’s dealings with the town of Defiance. It is interesting to see the interactions and relationships between the two of them as well as other characters form.

Defiance, to me, has become a quick favorite among my many. Terraforming, for example, has been something that science has explored before and has considered the possibility of humans terraforming another planet in the event that the Earth becomes too dangerous. The situation is reversed in the case of this show. This adds an interesting fictionalized look on the what if’s of terraforming a planet and how it would affect humans if it was done to our planet. The alien races are another aspect of this show that l find particularly interesting. They all seem to have their own systems of belief and systems of rule, however, this makes them more human than they seem to realize.

Yet, this show isn’t only an interesting show but also an apparently beautiful and exciting video game. I personally lack the system to play it right now, but from what I have seen I am definitely keeping it on my list.

All in all, Defiance has earned a spot as one of my favorite television shows. I think it is worth watching.

Fun fact: Defiance was given a B+ in a TV Review next to Doctor Who and Orphan Black.