Artistic Aspirations and Troubles

Sometimes it is hard to be creative by nature, because sometimes you are not where your standards lie. I have been thinking about art a lot lately. In the past two years I have made plenty of breakthroughs in my opinion. I have seen two of my pieces in the Roz Stiener Gallery of GCC, pulled off painting some pieces that I am very proud of, and am able to draw humanoid figures which I have never been able to do before. However, I still feel like such a child when it comes to art. I feel like I myself am not up to my own standards and that my goals are too high. Nevertheless, I will find a way to reach them one day.

My point in writing this is wondering what other creative folk do to progress in their work? Is it wrong to feel this way? I know I am often too hard on myself and that in itself kills my muse, but venting helps sometimes. Any advice is welcomed.

On a positive note, this sketch of an original character turned out very well for still being a work in progress.