Halloween fun alone and on a budget


My first Halloween in the new apartment was nothing over the top like I would have planned had I not just moved in, but those plans were put off until next year. This year, I did a very budget friendly, simple decor scheme. Here are some tips for you if you are ever in the same position.

1. Don’t Stress
I make this mistake all the time! Don’t worry about entertaining if you are on a budget. No one says you HAVE to have a blow out Halloween ball every year. Sometimes it is nice to just decorate and hand out candy to kids.


2. Second Hand Decor is Good!
Never feel ashamed of using second hand decorations from family members or Goodwill. Some of my personal favorite decorations are ones that my mom has used in her house since I was a child. Halloween is a holiday built on tradition, instead of feeling ashamed of those bargains embrace them!


3. Set a budget
Set your own budget for what you plan to buy. Be it candy, costumes, or decorations the best way to make it through without missing your money is plan how much you are going to spend.


Those three simple tips helped me a lot this year, I hope they help you too. Happy Halloween!