Crafting for Summer

So this summer, I am most likely going to be either working at the Burger Shack where I have worked or have a job as a website designer (co-op). I dunno how I feel about either one of those options at the moment, so I guess it is time to find a new perspective. What does that have to do with crafting, you ask? Well, I intend to spend this summer trying new crafts and projects.

The List

to be continued…¬†However, the point still stands that I will be giving myself plenty of hands on projects to keep me moving and creating. That, I think, will help with gaining a new perspective on the future. I also will be tackling two other more essential skills; driving and cooking. I have driven in the past, but I do not have my licence. My goal is to be able to get over my phobia of cars to learn. I have cooked in the past, but it was mostly dorm room kitchen experiments. I actually want to cook things that are actual meals, not boxed pasta.

I am going to end this goal rambling here, but I am looking forward to these things.